Why should we accumulate Steem? Why do we have to do POWER-UP?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk to you about something different today. I’d like to say, “Why should we accumulate Steem? and Why do we have to do POWER-UP?” I hope you like it. Let’s get started.I’d appreciate it if you could write your own thoughts.


Why should we accumulate Steem?
Your own Steem represents your strength. The more Steem you collect, the more voting power you have. The higher your voting power depends on your steem. Of course, the steemin has an effect on the current price, of course, but if your steem is a lot, it pays anyway. Steem accumulating is a condition that will soon be given to investors in the long term at a very beneficial time. When Steemit first became known, the people who invested in it are now gathering their fruit. That’s why we need to collect steem and keep our investment intact. If you say you’re going to use Steemiti for many years.

Why do we have to do POWER-UP?
I want to explain the importance of doing Power up by giving you an example. You have a job, and it pays you, and what happens if you use the money you earn to grow your business? You invest in your business. Yes, well, maybe you don’t have a good income for putting your work back into business when you invest, but then you know you’re going to win more, the Power Up thing. If we do Power ups, we can win people around us and we could make a serious income if we do this. Thanks for reading.

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